Getting a Quote for a new Countertop
Granite - Quartz - Corian - Hi Macs

Get a quality quote on your project by submitting the following information. Please fax, email or US Mail the following information.  Allow us about 3 days to return a quote. 


Please submit a drawing or cabinet layout.

To make your own sketch of your project:

1. Download the grid form to sketch out your project - GRID FORM

2. Start in one corner of the kitchen, and draw the countertop.


Note the following details on the layout or drawing:
1.  Measurements along the backsplash.
     Round up to whole number.
2.  Note the measurement of the depth of all tops.
3.  Mark the finished edges with an X
4.  Mark the backsplashes with a   B.
     If you don't want a splash, note it in the details.
5.  Mark the stove as:
               slide in stove (small counter behind stove),
               free standing range (installs to the wall)
6.  Mark the general location of the sink.  Exact location will be taken upon the template.
     Note in the details at the bottom of the form the type of sink you are using.
                top mount,
                solid surface (only with Corian type)


Countertop Information requested:
7.  Material:     Granite (name if known);
                          Corian brand & color, 
                          Quartz brand & color.
                          Laminate Brand, color name & number
8.  Edge style: from edge sheet.
9.  Backsplash:
         Integral (only laminate or Corian)
          or set on (all types).
                        granite = 4",
                        Corian = 3 1/2",
                        laminate 3 5/8"
                   full height
10.   Are we removing the old tops?
         Are they tile or laminate?
11.   Include your name & phone number (if I have any questions)
 and address, return fax number or email so I can return the quote.


Email to us at:  darcy.dcci@gmail.com
Fax number:  425-527-6963
Mailing Address:  13330 3rd Ave NE,
                                Seattle, WA  98125